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Silent-Office: A time-technology solution which is a work environment that is always current and makes your work perfect without your presence or intervention.

The technology of nature......

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Synergism, Inc., creates solutions for the 21st century through time-technology infrastructure.

Time-technology is the reduction of all information into appropriate processes of a functioning society, with its unique cultural, environmental and situational characteristics. It is the adaptation of the flow of information through knowledge bases and refinement of that information with appropriate strategies, tactics,policies and procedures to help individuals cope with change, improvements, growth and modernization without the pain of absorption, assimilation, and internalization only to discard them for newer circumstances.  It is a shift of emphasis away from work-oriented information processing to an individual centered philosophy to make life easier and better for all societal members.It is the use of information technology to provide life,liberty and freedom to individuals and not make slaves of organizations. It is the scheduling of work, recreation, entertainment, relationships, habits, events etc., around the needs and capabilities  of individuals and societal members according to their individual and societal priorities, circumstances and unique characteristics on a recurrent basis without human intervention and effort.

Company history

Synergism, Inc.,  was started in 1977 in the city of Chicago as a one man consulting operation. It is now incorporated in the state of New Jersey.
The company is presently managed by Bala Subramanian who is an ex-associate professor  of business and information systems at DeVry University and an adjunct faculty at Kean University. For more information,please down-load our two page
 Brochure. Front Page & Back Page of the brochure.

Additional Information

We develop solutions for the long range and help reach those goals through short term objectives.


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