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Silent-Office: A time-technology solution which is a work environment that is always current and makes your work perfect without your presence or intervention.

The technology of nature......

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Staying Current
Are we ready to explore the human potential with e-brain technology? How easy is it to build a conversational bot?
May we not combine AI with our own? How about an Apple Watch App? How do we integrate Watson with a desktop app?
How should we consider optimization of computations? What is computational-science and can we get educated on that subject??
Are we familiar with the univalent Foundations and their role in the societal-mechanics?
Are these nexus of forces real? If they are, wouldn't a silent-office of your own be the means to harness their effects? How can we enhance communication?
Shouldn't we all be automating our chores with the help of the bots and 3-D printing what we need with the maker bots?

What is BYOD and how could that be implemented? Are there commercial machine-learning solutions?
Could the new physics help us in unraveling the mysteries of the societal-mechanics? What is SingularityU?
Is there a distinction between the big data (systemic), an individual or an organizational  perspectives?
How about getting started with the Big data insights by reviewing these videos in just 12 minutes?
Are we caught-up with our communication and networking approaches for mobile devices?
Are we better-off with Mathematics than either theology or science, alone;perhaps using cognitive-computing to explore truth?
What is Societal-Management and how can Algorithm-Performance concepts help is such system designs?
Is there a Societal-Mechanics (like celestial-mechanics or soil-mechanics) that can assess societal-climate and predict societal weather? 
What is machine learning? Is there a way to learn it fast? Machine Learning is explained here in a video lecture.
Where are the future markets? Please listen to the 11 minute podcast of Herb Mayer. 

Beat your competition. Win the game with our help ; Is there a Societal-time ?
What is Cloud Computing? Watch a video  
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